Date: Thursday, May 6th
Time: 8 pm
Meeting point: Online via ZOOM, Link below

Dear Friends,

do you want to compete against others for eternal fame, massive bragging rights, and some small prizes? Are you an adrenaline junkie who enjoys the occasional fast-paced quiz on Kahoot? Then it's time to join us for our online Club Quiz #EuropeEdition!

We will meet you all on Zoom and the only thing you need to bring is your brain and a smartphone to access the provided link to our Kahoot quiz.

If you make first, second or third place you can choose a charitable organization that we will support with a donation. Prove your knowledge, support your favorite good cause and, collect some karma points!

See you there, Einsteins!

Your gaming Erasmus Student Network Bonn Team

06/05/2021 - 20:00
Meeting Point:
  • Everyone is invited.