Theater "Shakespeare - The Winter's Tale"

Dear Friends,
We want to do more than just throw great parties and go on exciting trips, we also want to show you some local culture! The Bonn University Shakespeare Company offers a great opportunity for this with their upcoming show "The Winter's Tale". Come along with us to see this fresh take on an old classic which will be completely in English.
At 7pm we will all meet at the Hofgarten and go to the theatre together.

See you then!

Your Erasmus Theatre Network Bonn Team

Bonn University Shakespeare Company:


12/12/2017 - 19:00 to 22:00
Meeting Point: 
Hofgartenwiesen, University main building
€5 (+€5 Deposit)
Contact details: 
Registration: 27.11. & 04.12. (Stammtisch)
  • Everyone is invited.